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Bluetooth Gaming Mice
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SteelSeries has designed a bluetooth gaming mouse for every gamer and they’re built for gaming precision with optical tracking sensors and hyper durable materials. SteelSeries bluetooth wireless gaming mice are available in ergonomic, right-handed or lightweight designs, and are easily customizable for all FPS, MOBA, and MMO games.



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{'new': False, 'is_limited': False, 'members_only': False, 'early_access': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'name': 'Aerox 3 Custom', 'options': [], 'description': '* Fully customizable gaming mouse\r\n* Ultra lightweight mouse design\r\n* AquaBarrier™ for 360° protection', 'url': '/gaming-mice/aerox-3-2022?connectivity=wired&mouse-body-color=onyx&cable-color=black&cable-length=long&cable-material=super-mesh&cable-usb-type=a-to-c&mouse-feet-color=black&mouse-feet-material=ptfe', 'main_item_sku': '62598', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('2.5'), 'related_text': '', 'related_items': [], 'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'image_primary': '', 'image_carousel': '', 'image_alternate': None, 'msrp': Decimal('0.00'), 'price': Decimal('0.00'), 'price_type': 'msrp', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'has_member_price': False, 'num_in_stock': 20335, 'document_id': '591_1211', 'customizable': True, 'customizable_price': 59.99, 'is_bundle': False, 'bundle_items_msrp': None}
{'new': False, 'is_limited': False, 'members_only': False, 'early_access': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'name': 'Aerox 5 Wireless', 'options': [], 'description': '* Ultra lightweight 74g 9-button design\xa0\xa0\r\n* 180-hour battery life and fast charging \r\n* AquaBarrier™ for 360° protection', 'url': '/gaming-mice/aerox-5-wireless', 'main_item_sku': '62406', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('7.066666666666666429819088079966604709625244140625'), 'related_text': '', 'related_items': [], 'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'image_primary': '', 'image_carousel': '', 'image_alternate': None, 'msrp': Decimal('139.99'), 'price': Decimal('139.99'), 'price_type': 'msrp', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'has_member_price': False, 'num_in_stock': 2619, 'document_id': '587_1180', 'customizable': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'is_bundle': False, 'bundle_items_msrp': None}
{'new': False, 'is_limited': False, 'members_only': False, 'early_access': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'name': 'Aerox 9 Wireless', 'options': [], 'description': '* Ultra lightweight 89g 18-button MMO/MOBA mouse design\xa0\r\n* 180-hour battery life and fast charging\r\n* AquaBarrier™ for 360° protection', 'url': '/gaming-mice/aerox-9-wireless', 'main_item_sku': '62618', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('4.9666666666666667850904559600166976451873779296875'), 'related_text': '', 'related_items': [], 'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'image_primary': '', 'image_carousel': '', 'image_alternate': None, 'msrp': Decimal('149.99'), 'price': Decimal('149.99'), 'price_type': 'msrp', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'has_member_price': False, 'num_in_stock': 816, 'document_id': '588_1170', 'customizable': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'is_bundle': False, 'bundle_items_msrp': None}
{'new': False, 'is_limited': False, 'members_only': False, 'early_access': False, 'web_exclusive': False, 'name': 'Rival 3 Wireless', 'options': [], 'description': '* Lag-free wireless plus Bluetooth\r\n* 400+ hour battery life\r\n* Guaranteed 60 million clicks', 'url': '/gaming-mice/rival-3-wireless', 'main_item_sku': '62521', 'bestseller_factor': Decimal('7.5999999999999996447286321199499070644378662109375'), 'related_text': '', 'related_items': [], 'tile_available_thumbnails': False, 'image_primary': '', 'image_carousel': '', 'image_alternate': None, 'msrp': Decimal('49.99'), 'price': Decimal('49.99'), 'price_type': 'msrp', 'price_is_only_authenticated_users': None, 'discount_absolute': Decimal('0.00'), 'discount_percent': Decimal('0.00'), 'has_member_price': False, 'num_in_stock': 551, 'document_id': '475_1025', 'customizable': False, 'customizable_price': None, 'is_bundle': False, 'bundle_items_msrp': None}

Bluetooth Gaming Mouse from SteelSeries

High-quality Bluetooth wireless gaming mice for every budget

Our wireless Bluetooth gaming mouse is made from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use no matter how much you play. The Aerox Wireless gaming mouse also features our AquaBarrier technology to resist water and provide better protection against dust. The perforated shell is lightweight, strong, and durable even during the most intense gaming sessions.

The best of technology in our Bluetooth gaming mice

SteelSeries' wireless Bluetooth gaming mice feature the best technology available, including electronic components with 50% thinner and more durable circuit boards. The Aerox Wireless gaming mouse also features Quantum 2.0 wireless technology that allows for high-speed data transmission. The ultra-low latency 2.4 GHz wireless connection allows you to shoot with the highest precision.

Be a great gamer with a wireless Bluetooth gaming mouse from SteelSeries

If you want to be as accurate as the pros in esports, you'll need a Bluetooth gaming mouse from SteelSeries! The TrueMove Air sensor gives you accurate 1:1 tracking, incredible data transfer speeds, and high precision for enhanced performance. Be a match for all your competitors with your new SteelSeries Bluetooth wireless gaming mouse.